WHAT IS HUGE Lightning?

Huge Lightning is a comedy festival featuring local, regional, and national improv groups, stand-ups, performers, artists, and musicians all in the same space for one super fun weekend. You'll either have a good time, or a great time. The choice is yours.


Can you be more specific?

This is the second ever HLCF. We started it last year with a mission to be a bridge between great local and national comedy acts. We wanted to be home base for all these great groups and performers to hang out for a weekend and share their talents with our incredibly supportive Fayetteville crowds. And we did it. So why not do it again and do it even better this time?

This festival is small in scale (as far as festivals go), but mighty in its entertainment. We love the idea that the entire festival is housed entirely under one roof. All of our performers, musicians, artists, and audience members all pile into Path Outfitters on the Fayetteville Square. It's a wide-open art/retail/performance space that's right by the Fayetteville Town Center. It's an awesome weekend packed with tons of comedy, music, and art from various local, regional, and national stages. That's why we say "Small Fest. HUGE fun."


WHAT's the SCHEDULE like?

All three nights will be packed with improv groups, stand-ups, musical acts, artists, and all kinds of fun stuff. You can check out the schedule and learn more about all the acts on our line up in the next month or so. We'll be announcing all that stuff very soon.